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Terms of service for construction of a fursuit.

*Please read fully before commissioning Thanks!*


I reserve the right to decline any commission for any reason. I require visual reference with three views (Front/Back/Sides). Few exceptions will be made. Discuss with me before agreeing to these terms. YOU MUST BE 18+ IN ORDER FOR A SUIT TO BE MADE.


I retain all rights to commissioned work, including reproduction and distribution rights. I do not claim ownership to any characters or IP created in suit. I cannot do electronics in your suits. I cannot create a suit based solely on measurements of the body. Prices may be subject to change based on complexity or time spent. Prices and policies may be subject to change.


For commissions involving things that would be considered NOT-SAFE-FOR-WORK(Genitals, ETC) By paying with PayPal, you are stating that you are 18+. If your age comes into question I reserve the right to discontinue work on your commission until it is resolved.


I will accept Paypal, Venmo, Cash App and Snail Mail* for methods of payment. (Payments made Via Snail Mail will not be counted until the mail is received) A down payment must be made of at least 30% quoted price. Payment plans must be completed before a suit is sent out for delivery.


I reserve the right to discontinue a commission based on Behavior/Rudeness, and will offer a Full/Partial refund depending on the situation. Queue updates may take no more than a week but we try to keep it as up to date as possible.


Full Refunds are only acceptable if I have not started. Depending on the level of completeness, partial refunds may be issued. The 30% Down Payment is NON-REFUNDABLE. (Due to materials costs this is non-refundable)


In order to best fit your suit, I require A DTD (Duct tape dummy) As well as a tracing of your hands. Shipping costs for these are assumed by the buyer. if your suit has repairable damage that from some wear and tear we will fix for free as long as shipping is paid.


At a minimum, monthly updates will be issued. Progress may be halted if payments are missed. Please keep in mind there are only 2 of us working on the suits and we can only do so much. If there are deleys due to personal circumstacnes we do our best to communicate with buyers and will get back to work as soon as possible.