An eager student aiming to gain experience and apply my knowledge and abilities working practically in a computer science, programming, or Cybersecurity position.


Jun 2019

Cybersecurity Software Engineer Intern

Lockheed Martin Space

  • Created CyberTracker, an RMF based Access Application
    • Program managed cyber credentials of employees & controls of critical systems
  • Wrote bash test scripts for THAAD missile launcher
    • Scripts validate various cybersecurity features are configured & ensure critical processes ran as intended

May 2019

Server Software Development

Upwork Freelance Contractor

  • Created a server application using Kotlin, ImageJ, and Jetty
  • Wrote an algorithm to contrast images and identify the differences between them
  • Added implementations for an Android and iOS app

Apr 2019

Mobile/Desktop Application Development

Upwork Freelance Contractor

  • Created a companion app for WAGUN, a word based board game
  • Used LibGDX and Kotlin to deploy to Desktop, iOS, and Android


Smart Response Lite

BrainTrust LLC Startup

  • Intern on an Unreal Engine Game
  • Created Level Sequences and Blueprint Logic
  • Git management for medium-sized team with AWS CodeCommit

Feb 2018

HyperCTF Cybersecurity Competition

3rd Place

Sep 2019

PicoCTF Cybersecurity Competition

Placed Top 5% internationally


CyberPatriot Platinum 3rd Place TN

Airforce Asociation Cyber Defense Competition


Game Design Semifinalist

TN Technology Student Association

  • Created "Opposites Attract," a Unity soccer dating simulator
  • Programmed dialogue trees and decision structures with C#

  • Created "Color Conquest," a java puzzle platformer

Summer 2016

Created PHP Forum Tutorial Series

  • Produced over 30 free videos
  • Taught the fundamentals of PHP programming
  • Built a basic, functional forum
  • Taught MySQL & relational databases



University of Alabama in Huntsville


Houston High School

GPA 3.7, ACT 31, SAT 1250

  • AP Computer Science & Principles
  • Cybersecurity Duel Enrollment
  • CompTIA IT Essentials
  • Cisco Networking
  • National Federation of the Blind Scholarship